Hyra Marshall JCM 900

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The latest innovation from our valve designers involves the use of an extra ECC83 pre-amp valve in the gain stage of the Master Volume SL-X models. This gives a gain soaked front end that is the most extreme yet produced by Marshall and is controlled by twin gain controls, the first (item 2), from 0-10, the second (item 3), from 10-20!  Combinations of theseMARSHALL_JCM 900 SL x two controls can take you from classic Marshall crunch in lower positions, to pure overdriven outrage on maximum.  It is well worth experimenting with these twin gains in conjunction with the tone network (items 6-9) to really get to know the full capability of your new SL-X head. The twin Master Volumes (items 4 & 5) are another unique feature of the SL-X amp giving you two footswitchable output volume levels, ideal for rhythm to solo switching. Although a clean sound is available, this amp was designed for the uncompromising high gain player who demands a no compromise sound.