Hyra digitalflygel Yamaha GT2 Grand Piano


The GT2 is an exciting new addition to the GranTouch line. Combining the incomparable ‘touch’ of the Yamaha grand piano keyboard with amazingly lifelike digital tone, capturing the true essence of an acoustic grand piano in an elegantly compact, lightweight design.

Real Grand Piano Action and Keyboard

The Yamaha grand piano action is prized among professionals for its unsurpassed sensitivity and responsiveness. Now those same qualities are available in digital instruments as well. Incorporating a traditional grand piano keyboard and action, the GT2 offers a solid, natural feel and unsurpassed expressive control.

Sophisticated Optical Sensors

Continuous-position optical key sensors, newly developed for the GranTouch pianos, work with optical hammer speed sensors to deliver impeccable accuracy in timing, dynamics and the subtlest nuances of play. Pedal sensors, continuous position sensing for the sustain and shift pedals, complete the system, ensuring that every action of the pianist is faithfuly reproduced.

Magnificens Digital Sound

Designed solely as a piano, the GT2 offers the highest level of piano sound reproduction. Tones are stereo sampled throughout their full acoustic range from the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand, using 30 megabytes of memory, over ten times more powerful than a standard digital piano. The GT2 even recreates harmonic resonance that results from the sustain pedal’s full or partial lifting of all dampers.

Upgraded Internal Audio System

Featuring six, three-way speakers and 60W per channel amplification, delivers the sound in all of its richness and depth.

Elegant, Space-saving Design

The GT2 not only plays and sounds like a grand, it even looks like one. Classic curves, elegant detail and careful craftsmanship evoke the graceful lines of the traditional instrument. New design refinements even let you raise the lid to either of two open positions for extended sound projection and authentic visual appeal. The GT2 fits neatly into substantially smaller spaces and is far easier to move and transport than even the smallest Yamaha acoustic grand.

The Unique Advantages of a Digital

Though designed to deliver the performance of an acoustic, the GT2 also offers uniquely digital benefits. You can control the volume, or play through headphones without disturbing others. On-demand reverbation effects can simulate the acoustics of various playing environments. It never needs tuning, but offers easy pitch adjustment to match the tuning of other instruments. And with MIDI and AUX connections, it offers direct access to the world of electronic music.