Hyra förstärkare

Vi har flera typer av förstärkare på uthyrningen


LA 48


The LA 48 is a compact, light-weight power amplifier (2 rack units high, 10 kg) designed for high performance touring and fixed installation. Primarily intended for powering Subwoofers, the LA 48 is capable of providing up to 2200 watts per channel into 2 ohms. The LA 48 can also be configured to match the power delivered to a wide range of impedance loads using Minimum Load Select (MLS) switches, allowing the amplifier to be customized to suit a variety of L-Acoustics loudspeaker models and applications.


DP 700dp Amp

The DP Series professional power amplifier  with a power supply that can handle exceptionally high power ratings in a compact, light weight 2U height package.

8Ω per channel (Watt)
4Ω per channel (Watt)

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