Hyra percussion – Congas

LP galaxy Congas set

Code Quantity Desciption
LP-811Z 1 9″ Re-Quinto
LP-808Z 1 11″ Quinto
LP-809Z 1 11,3/4″ Conga
LP-810Z 1 12,1/2″ Tumba

LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas are the ultimate fiberglass congas ever made.

Extended Collar Comfort Curve II Rim which increases tonal range


  • 30″ tall silhouette, wide belly, and narrow bottom help to create rich, deep bass and crackling highs
  • The inside upper half of the drum, where the greatest stress occurs, is reinforced with Kevlar® fiber, the bullet-proof vest material that is two times stronger than steel
  • Each fiberglass shell has a steel ring embedded in the bearing (top) edge for added strength
  • Hand selected, natural rawhide heads
  • Heavy duty hardware with 3⁄8″ diameter tuning lugs
  • Reinforced LP Heart Side Plates, each secured with three bolts and a backing plate
  • LP Galaxy ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors prevent the side plate hardware from marking or damaging adjacent drums

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